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My Uncle Larry gave me a packet of stamps when I was six-years-old that opened my eyes to the beauty of small things. The size, color, imagery, where it came from, its history, condition and the story it told visually opened a new way of looking at the world. My keen interest in small things grew to coins, cards, ephemera, magazines, movie posters and a fascination with all things eye-candy and eye-conic. If it had a monster in it, I was there!

As I grew up in the 1950’s, bubble gum cards and comics stood out as collectibles since they were numbered and given status. Toys that are rare now were routinely thrown away on Tuesday garbage nights and buildings full of old movie posters were destroyed on a regular basis because they were considered trash.

The biggest surprise of my adult life was at age 20, when I passed a movie poster store in D.C. and nearly passed out. premium domains In that flash, I suddenly realized the trash I cherished as art was also valued by others. ask edd I was no longer alone!

Today, we live in a world of collectors. We are drawn to save by some gene, alive since the caveman hunter / gatherer days, that is stimulated by the ephemeral world in which we live. We collect because it is a way of organizing and holding on to the present, while enjoying the past. broken links test It is also a personal investment in what we believe to be art.

The Museum of Mom and Pop Culture represents a long-time dream. Most of the material you see here – movie posters and stills, TV memorabilia, cards and toys comes directly from my personal collection. Some material is on consignment. Enjoy this site as it evolves. web secure login . Join us in the celebration of fun stuff, power objects from the past and the Bright, Bizarre and the Beautiful from around the world. Buy with Confidence and Enjoy! There’s plenty more to come! Alan.

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