GODZILLA (1956) The King Of The Monsters Trashes Tokyo!


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GODZILLA (1956) The King Of The Monsters Trashes Tokyo!


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The monster that spawned a generation!  Godzilla, was quite frankly, the biggest thing to happen to monster movies since King Kong. It changed the world and created a Japanese-American bond that entertwined our companion popular cultures. Given that the Japanese were the only people to experience the drop of the A-Bomb , the rise of this ancient demon from their collective subconscious not only makes perfect sense, but speaks to all humanity of the destructive power of man and nature gone amok.

*Here Godzilla does what he does best – trashes the army like toys.

*I was 8 when Godzilla was released in America (with Raymond Burr footage added to the Japanese hit to make it more engaging to American audiences). I had read about Godzilla and all I wanted was to be in a theater with him on the screen.  My parents and I left our hometown of Asheboro on a trip to see my grandmother in Baltimore.  Were were 30 minutes out when we passed through the larger town of Greensboro.  There was a theater playing Godzilla and I put up such a fuss my parents had to pull over, let me go to the movie and wait until it was over to scoop me up and continue our all-night ride to Baltimore.  It shows what a dedicated brat I was, but more importantly how supportive they were of a little kid who loved monsters.  Take a look at the film about my folks in the Blog above – it was my senior thesis movie in film school in 1973.

*Guaranteed Vintage and Original!

*Still size – 8 x 10 inches.

*Overall Condition is good with overall wear, a half inch border tear at right with paper tape behind it and 4 inch heavy crease near bottom.

*I got this when the movie came out and have saved it all this time!

*Comes with COA from the Museum of Mom and Pop Culture / Adler Collection to ensure authenticity and provenance ~



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