FORBIDDEN PLANET (1956) The Greatest 1950’s Science-Fiction One Sheet – XF-NM!

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FORBIDDEN PLANET (1956) The Greatest 1950’s Science-Fiction One Sheet – XF-NM!

$12,000.00 $10,000.00

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Arguably the single best science-fiction 1-sheet poster of the 1950’s, this stunning and Technicolorful graphic combines the old world of 1930’s-1940’s pulp covers with the brave new world of post war can-do technology and the decades of space travel to come.

Something of a Star Trek adventure, 20 years ahead of the TV series, Saucer C57-D and crew, introducing Robby the Robot, travel to Altair IV to save the inhabitants, but end up in a scramble for their lives against a deadly Id-demon powered by a long-lost civilization. Based on Shakespeare’s TEMPEST; shot entirely on MGM sound stages; with the first-ever electronic score by Louis and Bebe Baron: and using the services of Disney animation artist, Joshua Meador, FORBIDDEN PLANET is still a groundbreaking classic!

*Guaranteed Vintage and Original!

*One Sheet size – 27 x 41 inches.

*Overall Condition is Extra Fine to Near Mint with the lightest of an extra fold – difficult to notice – shown in angled photo of poster – You won’t be disappointed in this beauty!

*Museum-Quality, Investment-Grade – as if from a time capsule – in my private collection for over 45 years!

*Comes with COA from the Museum of Mom and Pop Culture / Adler Collection to ensure authenticity and provenance ~



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