Buddy and Brownie


Last Blog I talked about my Uncle Larry and how he started me collecting when I was six with a package of stamps.  This episode, I have to thank my father and mother, Buddy and Brownie, for supporting my odd collecting habits, picking me up when I found a stash of something when I was a little kid, and teaching me how to ask people for what I wanted, like theater managers for old posters they might not want.  This documentary was my Masters’ Thesis Film at Chapel Hill circa 1971.  It’s a good look at the folks – both have passed many years, now.  My parents owned a lingerie shop in which my father sold toy robots.  If you can figure that one out, you may be in trouble.  He did give me my “Play Every Day” attitude that’s served me all these years.  Hope you enjoy the short.  Meanwhile, I will be putting up rarities from my folks store. Vintage Lingerie Displays. Risque Jewelry.  And even the last of the Lunar Spaceman Gun-Firing Robot Astronauts seen in this film – from my Dad’s old store stock!. check broken links . premium domains broken links test

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    • Thanks, Vanessa – This website is more like an art project for me than anything else. Am so enjoying the show and tell angle of my collection, things I’ve had for years, I can now share with my friends. Hopefully, folks will stumble on to things they like and will buy them and give them a new home. Let me know any ideas you have for programming. Think of the Museum site as a mini-network and every item an entertainment program in its own right! Alan

  1. So enjoyed seeing “Buddy and Brownie.” My grandmother also had a lingerie shop, and seeing this put me right back to my early childhood, especially remembering the skinny little boxes that ladies “stockings” came in!

    Also loved the Yoga Joe dolls, but couldn’t see a place to leave a comment about them.

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